Accent Colors For Your Home

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Accent Colors For Your Home

The type of colors in a home or even in a room can give off a particular type of energy within that home or room. Rooms without color can give off a dry or dull energy while any shade of orange, red, or green can give off an energy that is full of life. Accent colors can add just the right type of energy to that dull and boring room. Accent colors are colors that are bold and vivid, and add rhythm or emphasis to the coloring of the room.

Accent colors in any room will allow a homeowner to express themselves and their personalities within a space. One way that additional pop colors could be added to a room would be to apply a darker or bright shade of color to one wall of the room, while leaving the other walls free from color. The existing colors in the room, by way of furniture and art decor, will be enhanced and emphasized more. Another way you could make the colors pop out is to paint one wall a particular color, and the remaining walls a deeper shade of the current color.

Every homeowner may not be willing to add accent colors to the walls of their home. They feel that adding in pop colors to the wall me seem like a drastic measure, but the addition of accent does not have to be so drastic.  There are subtle ways to add accent colors. Timid homeowners can add shapes to the chosen wall shapes in the accent color of choice. The colors chosen can always be changed. Playing around with color schemes can help one to decide on a final theme for the room.

The homeowner that is bold and brazen will love to experiment with accent colors. Accent colors usually appear in a monotone room. While everything tends to be a neutral tone, or a single colored tone, a pop of color in a piece of art or furniture will make the room more appealing. In an all white room, a pop of red in the design will surely stand out. In a kid’s room parents can decorate the room with accents of their favorite color. A brightly colored toy chest, or a simple wall book shelf with a  bold color will work nicely.  

Include the other members of the family as well as friends to help with picking out accent colors and decor pieces for the selected rooms in mind.

Here are a few awesome representations of accent colors in the home.