Small American Kitchen Ideas

//Small American Kitchen Ideas

Small American Kitchen Ideas

The kitchenette can be a comfortable and enjoyable place to cook and chat with friends and family if it is designed properly. If you have a small apartment with a small kitchen consider that you can still have comfort and style in your little kitchenette. Choose your colors and decorations wisely to make your kitchen have the been feeling for your taste.

American kitchen designs for small spaces does not need to go outside the traditional design, just down scaled a bit. Your kitchen can be distinguished by the combination of kitchen furniture and other decor elements you choose to decorate your little kitchen. Simply is best in small spaces and of course reducing clutter. Here are some highlights suitable for decorating a small apartment kitchen.

Integrating Your Kitchen with Your Living or Dining Rooms:

Many American kitchens are integrated as part of the living room and dining rooms of a home. With a small kitchen in an apartment this depends on how the construction of the walls were installed of course and you will have to make do in many cases with what you already have. Hopefully you have a cubby or bar area that is partially open to another room to give space and a place to socialize. If possible consider removing a wall or partially removing a wall to make some open space.

Kitchen Cabinets:

American kitchens are full of cabinets and usually have large kitchen tables. With a small kitchen you may need to downsize the table to fit the space comfortably this will make a big difference with how your kitchen feels. Combine the look, style and color of your furniture to match your cabinets. They may be the same colors and materials creating a harmony of color schemes. Modern kitchen furniture offers a variety of design options, material selections and colors that will make your kitchen more enjoyable.

Optimal Lighting:

Your kitchenette needs to have the perfect lighting  for the art of cooking and sharing daily chats with friends and family. If possible allowing natural lighting through windows or a skylight will give your kitchen life and color and allow you to have plants. If you do not have natural lighting consider putting in a few different lights so that you will have options as to how bright the environment is depending on what you are doing. For cooking you need a brighter light but in the evening and when just chatting a low soft light will be ideal.

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