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Cabinets Design Ideas – Custom Cabinet

To solve the problems of lack of space, we can use custom cabinets. Custom cabinets purchased in woodworking are usually very expensive, but ourselves, we can make them using a DIY shop.

It is a common fact that current houses offer few cupboards and space is scarce. One of the ways of solving this problem is to create bespoke cabinets, and place them in any free corner.

Perform custom cabinets in a carpentry, it can be very costly, but we can achieve our goal, by resorting to a warehouse DIY, which provide inexpensive wood cutting service, and also there will find the necessary tools for the job.

How to make custom cabinets:

First we must choose the space where we will put our wardrobe and measure it. A corner that is usually missed, is the stairwell, has enough space to find a spacious closet for linens, or cleaning, or other items that you want.

We make a drawing of the Cabinet, to have an idea of how it will be completed. For a wardrobe of three shelves, we left at the bottom a generous space to put a wicker basket. We will use plywood, which is economical and lightweight, and allows us to paint it without problems. With the design that draw, take the measurements of the parts needed, and request them at the DIY shop, together with fittings and fasteners.

Assemble outside our cupboards to measure box, by attaching the pieces and fixing them. Spring clamps are used to assemble large boards. We punch the pieces to insert the lag screws, giving firmness to the union of the tables. In addition the unions should be glued. We glued the edges and then put the lag screws, three on each side. To reinforce the corners, we glued slats of square section, on the inner side of the edges, which gives it great strength.

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