Create Window Seats

//Create Window Seats

Create Window Seats

To do this work yourself, we first need a window that has enough space to add a seat. There is a type of window called Bay that is actually three windows together, two close to the sides of a wider. Thanks to this arrangement the seat can be performed, which in turn may be a bottom cabinet or may simply be a cabinet having a type of counter top for plants.

This type of window makes the room more spacious and if we build the cabinet seat to win a convenient and functional tool. For its construction we measure and study well the place, in order to calculate the number of board and batten that we need. It’s different if the window is straight that has that shape Victorian bay window.

Build your window bay

To do it yourself, you can simply follow these steps:

  • Split shelves ourselves or buys if we have good measures so that we can cut the joinery. We can stop cutting measures painted to see it clearly.
  • Next, think about the amount of shelves and spaces between them. Before you start, find the doors, taking into account the measures, because we may have to close on the sides with two vertical shelves, it is very difficult to be fair measures of space.
  • Having measured all, as we have to cut the slats that will form the body of the furniture in those spaces. They are easier to cut, in case you need to tweak.

We can find in supermarkets, where this type of cabinet for mounting in wood, vinyl or aluminum. We have to think and choose the type of roof for the cabinet seat: you can do a roof with two hinged door or up the fund for open chest type if we think of using it for bedding, towels and tablecloths. Or just make two doors on the front and a special space for pad will go up.

To finish and once retouched the doors have to paint and think about the kind of blind or curtain, which will be short and clear. It’s a small work which will give us more space and elegance to the environment. Not expensive and can stay an especially cozy corner.

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