Creating A Regal Living Room

//Creating A Regal Living Room

Creating A Regal Living Room

Tips For Creating A Classy Regal Living Room 

Designing the ideal living room should be the goal for all homeowners. Homeowners interested in designing their living room into a regal space have a lot to look forward to. A regal living room is basically a living room that is divided. The sitting area or furniture will be split among the living room as if there are two sets of living room furniture in that one single living area. The furniture and fixtures in such a room are usually of a high quality.

While considering the regal living room approach, make sure that your living room has adequate amount of space to  be divided. It will become difficult to have a such a living room with a small amount of space. Mirrors in almost any room will give your room the illusion of being larger than what it actually is. The color in the living room makes a slight difference in the spaciousness of the room. Light colors like white walls or an off-white color will make a living room appear spacious.

A chandelier in the living room will be a great addition,  as it helps in defining where in the living room furniture should be divided. Placing the mirrors on a mantle or on the wall directly opposite of the sofa helps to open the room. The sofas and seating chairs should be preferably  of a white color as well. A regal living room should be a formal living area inside the home. The sofas placed back to back is another great way to divide the room.

A regal living room can have carpet in the regal living area. The carpet color should be a very light color like an off white or a beige color. The regal living room could have hardwood floors as well. The hardwood flooring may be covered with rugs. There should be one rug for one side of the room and a separate rug for the other side of the living room.

The centerpiece is typically is a nice and well-designed table. A centerpiece table can reflect the personality of the homeowner. The color of the centerpiece table may be of a cherry wood color or some type of deep oak color. The chairs can sit at an angle to the sofas in the room. The chairs should be the same color as the sofas or colors that blend well with the color of the sofa. Drapery in the room should appear with unique designs and lighting should be bright. Elegant sofas and arm chairs would also make for great additions to the room. 

Check out the gallery below for examples of what your regal living room could look like.

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