Fantastic Underwater Hotel Room

//Fantastic Underwater Hotel Room

Fantastic Underwater Hotel Room

There are many different types and kinds of hotels in the world. Management competes to attract the attention of people to spend the night in their hotel by giving some interesting services. Underwater hotel rooms is an example of the great service and the best of several types of existing hotels. It sometimes offers a pretty nice relaxation for you when you are on a long journey, or vacation. You can enjoy the sensations when you sleep in the room which is located under water. You can feel the experiences which you have never felt before. If you like to travel around the world and you’ve frequently stayed in a great hotel and get bored with ordinary hotels, you need to try the underwater one.

There are many great under water hotels which are available in the world. Some of them are Jules Undersea Lodge. The hotel was first built in early 1970s and is the first prototype under water hotel. The hotel was built as an underwater laboratory on the coast of Puerto Rico. The hotel became famous for many celebrities such as Pierre Trudeau, Steve Taylor from Aerosmith, and former prime minister of Canada has enjoyed to stay in this underwater hotel room. Another hotel is Utter Inn in Vasteras, Sweden. The hotel was built by a man named M. Genberg who’s life project was to build a room under the water in 2000. Consider staying in this hotel since you will enjoy the sensation of sleep around the panoramic water views and fish that looking in at you.

Another hotel to consider is the awesome Hydropolis hotel in the state of Dubai. It is a dream come true of architecture to have a room underwater in state of Dubai. Staying in a underwater hotel room will make you enjoy a wonderful experience and is also very interesting. It can be a great place for you to enjoy your holidays, honeymoon, anniversary or other special occasions.

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