From Ordinary To Extraordinary A Unique Treehouse

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From Ordinary To Extraordinary A Unique Treehouse

The kids are out for summer and its high time you gave them a place to be free and let their imaginations run wild. A treehouse is the perfect place to start. It can be a magical hideaway that with your careful considerations for construction and planning, could be a sanctuary for your kids for years to come. You can bird watch, or even camp out this summer with this cool project.

Importance of a treehouse in your childs development:

With increasing obesity issues in the country, it is well known that your kids should properly exercise and participate in activities that promote healthy growth. To date it stands that 1 in 6 children in the country can be classified as obese. With that number expected to grow over the next few years you can curb your child’s chances tremendously by building treehouse playscapes.

Steps to creating your dream treehouse:

  • Choose a tree

  • Design your home

  • Build a secure platform

  • Lay the deck and railing

  • Add in some decorative finishes

How to build a treehouse:

When choosing the location of your construction site you should take a few things into consideration. For one, you have to choose a tree that is mature enough to provide the support needed to carry the weight of the structure. A tree that is too young or old is a health hazard. The tree you choose should also be in prime health, play home to sturdy branches, and be living. Some great trees to start your build would be maple, apple, and oak trees. An arborist should be contacted before you start construction. Before you build you must also check with your communities planning department. You want to be sure your project is within ordinance regulations and obtain a permit if necessary.

Once you have prime real estate for your treehouse it is time to design your treehouse plans. Keep in mind that if you are going with a standard build the dimensions tend to be 8X8, with a trunk 12” in diameter. You can create your own unique design, or even find ideas online. Whatever you do be sure to always obtain accurate measurements to ensure your design can be incorporated into the tree just right. Some individuals may also find it helpful to make a cardboard model of their plan to work out any design issues before construction.

Supporting your treehouse structure:

With the design you need to make sure you choose your support method for your project appropriately. The most common support methods include the post method, bolt method, and suspension method. For a more unique treehouse the suspension method is prime. This method uses strong cables and branches to suspend your treehouse in the air, it will appear to be floating above ground. Likewise, be sure you decide on how you’re going to access your structure. Many treehomes have a ladder that leads up to the structure, but a staircase or rope ladder make for unique choices as well. Always keep safety in mind and never build to high as it can be a risk for your children. Cushion around the structure with mulch just in case of a fall, and always construct safe railings.

Decorative touches and creating  playscapes:

You can stain the wood of the final project to give it a better appearance. You can also add in lightweight furniture and other creative touches to make the place your own. If you are creating a zone that promotes physical activity there are many things you can add to your treehouse. For one, you can add a slide as your exit method instead of a ladder system. You can add in some monkey bars leading out of the treehouse across a sturdy, yet low to the grown branch. Whatever you have imagined for your children’s playscapes it can become a reality with the right tools in your arsenal.


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