Ideas For Decorating a Beach House

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Ideas For Decorating a Beach House

There are many accessories that add to a marine themed beach house. Here are some tips to create the feeling of the sea in your own beach home.

Elements of the Sea and Ideas for Decorating a Beach House

Decorating a beach house with a maritime theme is ideal for many sea lovers, the design harmonizes the internal with the external environment, giving a warm, inviting, relaxing, comfortable and friendly atmosphere to live and entertain in.

Elements such as shells, starfish, sand, stone, wood and polished sea glass are the first things that come to mind when you think of decorating a beach house. These objects can be bought in ​​decorative sets or collected from the beach. Crafting together these elements that you can use to decorate your beach house lends character, natural beauty and charm. It is also more meaningful to create things yourself that you and your family has personally collected over the years such as shells and sea glass.

Put together your own set of seashells, starfish and stones inventing crafts to put on the walls. Build a miniature Zen garden with sand and stones, make a mirror frame or photo holder with polished wood and sea shells, make a mobile with shells, bamboo or polished glass, form a centerpiece with candles, shells and starfish. Let your imagination invent decorations using these natural elements that you collected on your beach walks.

Use Water as an Element to Decorate

A decorative accessory that certainly goes well with the decor of marine style is garden fountains and water walls. Water, as a decorative element in a home, is one of the principles of Feng Shui and brings a feeling of well-being to all the senses. The color blue can also accent the use of water by painting your walls or accent trim in your beach house blue tones.

Water can be used in aquariums, vases with fresh flowers, ponds, water troughs for birds, garden fountains, etc..

Wind Chimes to Decorate the Beach House

Wind chimes swaying in the sea breeze produce pleasant sounds ideal for decorating and creating ambiance in a beach house. Create sounds by combining sea shells, metal and bamboo. Also use elements that do not produce sound, but that add color and beauty to your hanging wind chimes and mobiles.

Decorating with Knots & Boats

Hang paintings and art objects that represent the colors and feelings of the sea. Have pictures and display boxes with knots and lashings, classic boats in bottles, etc… However, avoid adding countless marine details to your beach house to avoid overloading the room with objects and clutter making the room or home too monothematic. A detail in a corner and a decorative accessory or two on the walls will suffice for decorating your summer home.

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