Interior Color Schemes : Blue and Orange

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Interior Color Schemes : Blue and Orange

An intentional combination of interior color schemes makes a room more beautiful and interesting. Here we will discuss using blue and orange together as a color scheme for the interior of your home. Sky blue color gives the impression of comfort, peaceful and quiet. Meanwhile, the color orange creates a warm impression, cheerful and full of life. Incorporating these two colors in your home, such as in a family room, living room, or bedroom will lend a sense of peace and excitement when used together.

The combinations of blue and orange as an interior color scheme is perfect. The beauty of blue puts your mind to a lake, blue sky or the beach. Bold orange reminds of the sun and a beautiful day. The combination of these colors will inject excitement into your home. This color scheme gives an easy and effective way to revitalize your room.

Choose to use one of these two colors as the main color in your room, choose the brighter of the two tones for the main color and use the other color as an accent. This makes it easier to pair and use lighter color tones compared to the main color for the walls and other surfaces. But if you want a color scheme of blue and orange in the bedroom, use lighter shades to give the feeling of relaxation. You can go brighter and bolder in a living room or family room. By understanding interior color schemes, you can create the impression of harmony while making your room and your home more pleasant and attractive. Here is a picture of a room using blue and orange.

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