Lush Living Wall Gardens

//Lush Living Wall Gardens

Lush Living Wall Gardens

Summertime is finally here! With summer comes water activities, vacations out of state, and even poolside action. For the DIY person, or someone who likes to create fun little projects, it is prime time to implement some new projects and design ideas into the home. One such project could be a fantastic garden. Im not talking your run of the mill garden though, no i’m talking about a living wall garden right in your home. No more do you have to bear the summer heat bearing down on your skin as you tend to your plants outside of the home. You can plant, and tend to your plants directly from inside.

A green wall, or living wall garden improves the air quality inside your home. The green wall will essentially become a natural air filter. This means that polluted air that passes through will be purified through the wall, thus producing clean oxegen for you to breath in. Cleaner air is essential to productivity and better health. The living wall garden is aesthetically pleasing, as many people are attracted to vertical gardens. Such gardens aren’t typically growing upwards, so it catches a visitors eye more quickly. Such a sight can turn your home into an inviting and alluring environment. Other benefits include reduced energy cost, and reduced noise levels.

A green wall can be done in a variety of different ways. If you are going large scale a professional should be consulted. For smaller projects you can venture out on your own. If you want a simple herb garden you can start as small as a picture frame.

  • Picture frame living wall garden: You can utilize and old picture frame for this project. Once you have your frame in hand be sure to attach chicken wire to it. The wire should be held in with a smaller frame so that it could stay in place. Once you have the wire pinned in place you must attach the back to the second frame. Once you have done that it is your job to fill the frame with soil and plant your favorite plants, the chicken wire will be what holds your plants in place.

  • Container systems: This is the most common type of wall garden. You can build one of your own, but utilizing a system that is already on the market is efficient as well. To start you will need to chose a space in your home. A place that gets an adequate amount of sunlight is appropriate. Grab a pocket type planter and space the grommets attached 22” apart from each other. Mark where they will need to be placed then drill the appropriate holes. Attach side fasteners and screw in your planters. Overlap the grommets so that the plants will create a dense living wall.

Your plants need to be fed weekly. One cup of water should be sufficient. Many systems allow for you to pour the water on the tongue of the container. The water that is excess runs off and accumulates in the reservoir of the container or evaporates through the sides of the container. You don’t have to worry about wet floors as most systems utilize military grade, in-moisture barriers.

You can plant almost anything you want, just as you would outside. If you are planting in your kitchen, planting herbs and vegetables would be a prime choice as you can take what you need as you cook your way through your grandmother’s favorite recipes.

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