Staycation Ideas To Consider

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Staycation Ideas To Consider

Are you in need of a vacation? While some can afford to live lavishly even if for a brief moment, others cannot afford a vacation. For those who are not able to afford an expensive trip to an exotic resort, you can opt for a staycation. What is a staycation? A staycation refers to a vacation right at home. It is quite easy to transform your home into a vacation home with just a few easy steps. No longer will you have to fret about vacations after seeing the staycation ideas in the gallery below.

Hammocks And Firepits 

One project you can take on is the hammock. It will provide easy relaxation on a hot day. You can string the hammock from a tree in your backyard. You can even place a nice throw and decorative pillows for comfort. You can utilize the space not only for relaxation, but for catching up on your reading. A firepit also makes for a unique choice. It adds a camping feel to your backyard. You can have a nice fireside chat with the family, and roast marshmallows, all the while singing your favorite camp songs. A popular firepit choice would be stone-walled pit. It is grounded in the backyard, and lights up the whole yard.

Redecorate Your Home For A More Enjoyable Staycation 

You can opt to outfit your bedroom to create a new environment while you are off on vacation at home. You can repaint the walls a soothing color or even add some luxury sheets to the bed. Such additions will be relaxing to you and your partner.

One space that may need some attention is the bathroom. Try to add a little zen to this room. You can do this by adding tranquil plants, paint, and removing clutter. These additions and staycation ideas will make you feel as if you are at a luxury resort.

Outdoor Staycation Ideas

In your yard, you can plant exotic plants that make for a unique viewing experience. They add a nice pop of color to the yard and create the perfect space to relax. Create a nifty dining spot in the backyard to make meals more interesting. A classic patio set will make the experience even more enjoyable.

If you have the extra cash, install a fountain in the yard. A babbling brook addition to your space can become an oasis. It is a simple project that one can take on without expert installation. It offers a soothing sight and sound that will make your vacation home more appealing for your staycation.

You can also consider adding a nice canopy over the seating area which will offer a unique dining experience. All of these things will transform your space from an ordinary home, to a vacation home that you will enjoy all year long.

Take a look at the staycation ideas in the gallery below for inspiration.



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