The Perfect Sunroom Ideas

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The Perfect Sunroom Ideas

Summer is not perfect for everyone. Some people would rather not go out into the blistering heat day after day to enjoy summer activities. It is the hot, there is usually a lot of sweating and frustration that makes it unbearable. One way a homeowner can enjoy the sun without leaving the comfort of home is in a sunroom. It allows you to enjoy the sunshine in a whole different light. Simple sunroom ideas can also help to make your home a lot more interesting.

What Are Sunrooms? 

Sunrooms are essentially glass living room areas that is built on a wood and sometimes a concrete foundation. It features glass walls that keep harsh weather and bugs out. All of the glass walls are made of double pane glass usually. As an addition to the home, it is typically more affordable than other remodeling projects.

Sunrroms typically have lengthy windows that allow for maximum sun exposure inside the home. Most sunroom ideas are included in the interior of the home, but some sunrooms are add-ons to the home and come in the form of an enclosure. An enclosure will typically complement any architectural style. Along with max sun exposure, a sunroom gives of a spacious feel and elegant look to the home.

Benefits Of Sunrooms

A sunroom offers many benefits. For one, it promotes positive health. It does so by providing fresh air and stress reducers for anyone enjoying it. It also saves energy by providing natural light which almost eliminates the need for electrical lighting. Many sunrooms also come equipped with special insulation and ventilation sites that keep energy cost down year round.

Sunroom Essentials

When designing sunrooms, there are many factors to consider. As a homeowner you have to consider the location of your sunroom, the color and decor, style of glass installed, flooring, configuration of the doors and windows in the space. Sunroom furniture is also important. If you are trying to create a space where you can nod off, a comfortable sunroom furniture like a daybed is a must-have. Pop of colors are great to brighten up the space and add a level of fun and sophistication to the room.

Want a whimsical space? Then add a couple of flower pots and a spiral wind catcher to set the tone. Throw up some neutral tone curtains for a crisp look. Wooden flooring is also a prime choice when paired with a neutral green wall color. Cushioned seating along the windows provides a cozy atmosphere as well. If you are all about living the green life, a lush wall garden, or vertical garden will be a lovely addition. Not only will it liven up the room, it will also increase the air quality in the room.

Here are a few sunroom ideas for consideration.

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