Zen Design Ideas For Your Home

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Zen Design Ideas For Your Home

When one hears the word ‘Zen’, the first thought that comes to mind is mediation or trying to find that inner peace. While the assumption is correct it is something that can be created within your home. Zen can be associated with a type of decoration in the home or a room of the home that aids in creating total peace and relaxation within the home. Zen design is usually reserved for the bedroom but can be incorporated in any part of the home.

Zen decor utilizes light or neutral colors. The curtains in the room should enhance the intimacy of the space while being free from blocking air vents in the surrounding areas. The blinds in the living area should be modern and easily reflect the natural light into the room. The curtains, rods, and blinds should have a matching neutral color.

Any rooms in which you hope to create an element of zen within should have furniture that is simple and decor and furnishings should not clutter the space. The decorations for the room should be kept to a minimum. Lots of relaxing furniture like long sofas, and footrests should be incorporated into the Zen design. The armchairs chosen for the space, if applicable, should be very comfortable and cushy to sit on. The colors of the furniture should be of light or neutral tones that will match with the flow of the room.

The flooring of the room should be very comfortable to walk around on. A nice hardwood floor accompanied with a soft wool rugs will make walking in the room much more comfortable. When choosing a carpet, keep in mind the color should remain a light color like a beige or khaki hue. Keeping the room free from any type of clutter is key for the ideal Zen room. De-cluttering the room makes moving about within the room easy.

Creating a nice aroma in the room will make it more Zen-like. Placing organic scented candles around the room will give the room a very calming and relaxing feel to it. Scented oils are great to have in the room as well. Subtle green plants in the room provide a since of calmness because of its green color. Natural plants will clear the air in the room as well, which is very beneficial.

Being a Zen master will take time, money, and energy but once the home is Zen, it will become a peaceful oasis to live in. Take the steps to remove unnecessary clutter from a room, choose naturally neutral colors, and decide on soft calming furniture that will lead to you becoming a wonderful Zen master.

Here are some examples of Zen design ideas.

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